Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Case Of The Mondays

This is what Kate said the other morning as she came out dressed up like she was off to work.  She said, "Well, i didn't sleep very good last night, but i'm off to work.  I have a case of the Mondays!"  She is so silly.

The girls had a great Christmas, although Kylee just preferred the wrapping paper over the presents.  

Kate was very excited this year and counted down the days to Christmas.  
Both girls have been doing well, health wise.  Kate had some issues with her allergies bothering her for a few weeks and Kylee had a couple days with a fever due to an ear infection, but other than that they are doing well.

Kylee had a visit with the neurologist a month ago.  Her therapists recommended having her checked out due to the fact that when she crawls, she sticks her left leg out and now that we are working on walking she has issues there as well.  The faster she goes or the harder she tries, the worse it is.  Because of this and the fact that she had some oxygen issues when she was born, they recommended seeing a neurologist.  After meeting with the neurologist, she said that Kylee does have a very mild case of Cerebral Palsy, where it is only affecting her left leg.  She did say it won't get worse and if it starts to interfere more with walking, then we will look at getting a leg brace, which will help.  So far, though, she is doing great.  She loves to stand, and will take steps by herself, but only if she thinks you are supporting her.  I can just barely touch her and she will take a few steps, but the second i take my finger away, she plops down.  She also loves to have races with her walker against Kate and Daddy.

She really is doing great overall, though.  Still working on a few things as she can be very stubborn and refuse to feed herself or say words or signs when she knows perfectly well how to do these things.

Kylee got to meet her online "boyfriend!"  Bennett is sooo cute with his big brown eyes.  Another mom, Christy, that lives in the area who has a little cutie with Down Syndrome and I met Bennett, his mom Adrienne and his family as they were visiting out of town family.  I know his mom from facebook and blogging.  Bennett is so cute that Christy and I always joke around as to which of our daughters will get to marry Bennett.

holding hands

Arden, Bennett, Kylee, and Bennett's sister

Here is Kylee's best buddy Ava.  Kylee and Ava are practically twins.  We try to get together a couple times a month.  Ava is one month younger than Kylee and also sports an extra chromosome and has the same two heart defects as Kylee, which like Kylee she had successfully repaired last year and did amazing.

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