Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Kate!

It is hard to believe how fast the years have gone by.  Kate has turned into such a beautiful little girl.  I say little because even though she has gotten so big and she insists that she is not little anymore, she still is my little girl.  I don't want her to grow up!  Kate is quite the character, with her great imagination.  I love watching her play because she always comes up with the funniest things.  Just the other day,she told me her pet toy mouse has Down Syndrome and has a hard time hearing, but that it is ok.

This year she started off at the same school she had been at when she was in preschool.  Well then, things got rough financially, so we decided to pull her out and homeschool for the rest of the year as the public school in our district sucks.  I had already seen how well she did last year and one of our concerns this year was that she wasn't going to be challenged enough.  Well, being at home, I have seen just how bright she really is.  She loves doing schoolwork at home and doesn't usually complain as long as it is somewhat fun for her.  She has a pen pal that she writes to, and she writes letters to her Uncle Mike and Poppy(even though he is 20 minutes away.)  She also has started to write stories, which she really enjoys. She pretty much does it all the spelling on her own, and even adds different punctuations in there as well.  She has done amazing with her reading and comprehension.  Just yesterday at the Doctor's office, she sounded out pharmaceutical.  I really love watching her get excited when something that she is learning just clicks.  Since she has been homeschooled, she has joined Daisy Scouts, Awanna(bible study), and recently started cheerleading.  She loves participating in all these activities and getting to be around her friends.

For Kate's birthday, Grandma treated her to some time at the salon getting her hair and makeup done.  She enjoyed being treated like a princess and even brought her princess crown for her hair.  Tomorrow, we are just having a little family party, which includes her friend, Mya that she has been talking non-stop about her coming!

Kate has definitely made these past 6 years memorable.  She is such a sweet, funny, intelligent, kind, chatty girl, who sometimes can be sassy, but that is ok!

Hopefully after the weekend, I will be able to post pics of the princess.

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