Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Slacker

So, as you probably can tell, I haven't written anything on here in months.  I guess I just feel our daily routine of things is not so blog-worthy.  Somebody, who shall remain nameless(mom) has been pestering me to post on here.

So, what have we been up to since February.  Well, for starters, Kylee turned 2 in June and she has definitely started to act like a 2 yr old.  She will get mad at you if she doesn't get her own way.  But, overall she is very happy most of the time.  She has mad some progression in all areas.  She has been walking for months now- I think since February and is getting pretty fast at it.  She can climb up on the furniture and just the other day, the little stinker was up on the coffee table when I came out of the bathroom!  She is getting better at steps, but since all we have are the steps on the porch, she doesn't get much time to practice.  In the speech department, she is starting to make lots of sounds and say/sign words.  She was signing quite a bit months ago, but stopped for awhile.  Her favorite word lately, is hi.  Every one we see, she has to say hi to.  It is really cute.  She can say bye, bath, pee(she won't pee on the potty, but she will sit on it,) Kate, mama(although she prefers to say Daddy,) pop(she does this when popping bubbles,) juice(although every food item is juice,) she will sign more and she definitely imitates lots of sounds lately.  She will start occupational therapy again and we will work on some fine motor skills.  Things such as coloring, proper use of utensils, etc.
In the health department, knock on wood, she is doing fantastic.  She just had a visit with the eye doctor and we were told that most eye issues normally seen in children with Down syndrome would likely have happened already.  So, we don't need to visit her for another 18 months.  We have her one year checkup with the cardiologist on Monday and then a followup with the neurologist on Tuesday. I'm expecting good news from both and with the neurologist, she really hasn't been showing any issues of her left leg bothering her.   She is slowly growing and weighs 25 lbs, but I couldn't tell you how tall she is.
On to Miss Kate or should I say Miss toothless.  She has lost 4 teeth in the last month, 3 of those were in 4 days.  She has gotten brave about pulling them out.  She has been working on her Christmas list for a couple weeks now and she has about 3 pages.  She is however talking about all the presents she is going to make for Kylee and our dog, Lacy.  She loves Lacy and all animals and in fact today, she said, "I can't wait until I am a dog!"  She is always amazing me with her wealth of knowledge.  She has been naming states and knows where they are and can even list in order the states to get to NY.
Last year, we had a photo shoot for this great organization that offers free photo services to children with major illnesses or disabilities.  Anyways, we had an amazing photographer, Melody through Snooky Smiles and she graciously offered her services on her own a couple of months ago.  We had an amazing photo shoot consisting of Kylee and her 5 friends(all with Down syndrome) and their siblings.  The children were so well behaved and Melody captured such great photos.  Anyways, I will leave you with the slideshow that she put together of the kiddos and a few other pics as well.

Kate right after her last tooth fell out and her new haircut
This is what happens to Lacy when Kate decides she would be a good ballerina!

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  1. Hi
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Kylee and Kate are very beautiful and they both have beautiful smiles. Kylee is a courageous, strong and determined fighter. She is a brave warrior smilen champ and inspirational hero. I have many friends who have downsyndrome. I also have developmental delays. Every year I go to the buddy walk, and other activities put on by the Ups and downs society. I love it when people sign my guestbook.